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Guides offering tours to "Haunted New Orleans", who built their itineraries around a visit to Rice's mansion, were decidedly glum when the writer left the city five years ago, just before Katrina hit. She is, after all, one of the world's bestselling authors, and her feverish page-turners brought in hordes of visitors eager to experience the city's gothic atmospherics, along with its celebrated Creole food and jazz. This year, First Street offered rather more pedestrian fare in the run-up to Halloween: when I walked around the Garden District — it's an unmissable part of the city — a fortnight ago, I saw only pumpkins, plastic skulls hanging from porches, and the odd Frankenstein's monster tied to a tree.

Of course, the gothic atmospherics long antedated Rice, and she looked to them for inspiration. Interview with the Vampire begins with the story of one of the Louisiana indigo plantations not far from the city, characterised by humid swamp lands and gnarled oaks dripping with Spanish moss. But the action soon moves to the old city — the French Quarter, still largely preserved — and its streets of Creole cottages and colonial villas, with their battered shutters and secluded courtyards.

A port historically charged with voodoo magic thanks to the slave trade and heavy with Catholic mysticism from generations of European immigrants , suggested all too obviously blood-spilling of a vampiric kind. And a city long identified with sexual permissiveness was a plausible home for dashing, irresistible throat-piercers. Rice's revenant heroes roam the extraordinary St Louis and Lafayette cemeteries, which, however many sightseers crowd them, still resemble Hammer horror film sets. The crumbling, sun-bleached tombs are, unusually, above ground the water table is so high, bodies buried in the normal way always floated back to the surface.

So the Spanish-style vaults in these "cities of the dead" are reusable, and house many sets of remains within them. There's lots of rusting decorative ironwork; the pathways between the crypts are narrow and twisting; crosses and statues on top of the tombs cast odd shadows across the necropolis; and votive candles add the final touch. Rice lovingly traded on the evocative architecture and sexy Southern exoticism of one of the oldest cities in America.

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In which a vampire, richly dressed and gracefully walking through the pools of light of one gas lamp after another might attract no more notice in the evening than hundreds of other exotic creatures. Now a new set of Louisiana vampires has come along to entice bloodsucking devotees to the New Orleans area. True Blood , the hit TV series which has attracted five million viewers in the States it's currently showing on Channel 4 in the UK , is based on the Sookie Stackhouse novels of Charlaine Harris , which has as its premise the entering of the vamps into mainstream society — thanks to the availability of Japanese-made synthetic blood they have "come out of the casket".

In the opening paragraph of the first Sookie book, Dead Until Dark, we hear of the exciting arrival of the first revenants in the fictional backwoods town of Bon Temps, Louisiana. New Orleans, meanwhile, is "a real centre" for vampires with "the whole Anne Rice thing, right? But it is fun and raunchy and knowing: we see a newspaper headline that announces "Angelina adopts Vampire Baby".

The fanged hero, civil war veteran Bill Compton, seduces Sookie, another reworking of Bram Stoker's virginal Mina Harker — on the night she succumbs she wears a white nightgown with flowing sleeves. Ball plays around with vampires as metaphor — his seductive revenants are clearly stand-ins for gay people the opening credit sequence features a sign that reads "God Hates Fangs", a play on the Kansas City-based Westboro Baptist Church slogan "God Hates Fags" , and those who enjoy being bitten by a vampire during sex are castigated as "fang-bangers".

The vampires are a persecuted minority fighting for integration and civil rights — they are outsiders, the staple of teenage fiction. In True Blood, it has become illegal to "drain" vampires of their blood which, when drunk by ordinary mortals, is a potent hallucinogen and aphrodisiac, nicknamed "V". Such is the show's success, it won't be long before there are "fangtastic" tours to Clinton, the small Louisiana town around 50 miles from New Orleans where much of True Blood is filmed I drove there, and there's little to see at present.

This Halloween weekend, New Orleans plays host to a Vampire film festival , and the bloodsuckers aren't likely to disappear any time soon.

There's intense rivalry between businesses selling haunted history trips and "spooktaculars" in the city, and the locals are understandably keen, following Katrina, to do all they can to attract visitors: better fictional horrors than real ones, and better ghost stories than actual memories of a ghost town. Over the years such stories have been told, retold and blithely fabricated to feed the public's appetite for escapism with a ghoulish theme.

The legend most excitedly recycled by my guide at the St Louis cemetery, for instance, is of Marie Laveau , the Creole "voodoo queen", whose crypt there is, reportedly, the second-most visited grave in the US after Elvis's but ahead of JFK's. The tomb is covered in sets of three "X"s, drawn or scratched on by visitors to represent wishes they hope the famed sorceress will grant. The story goes that Laveau, who was alive in the s and worked as a hairdresser to rich, white families, would stage ceremonies in which the participants would be possessed by spirits and dance naked.

She told fortunes and healed the sick, dispensing charms and potions called gris-gris. When she finally died in , aged almost 80, legend has it she turned herself into a huge black crow that still flies over the cemetery though, in truth, it's doubtful she's buried there at all.

Blood (A modern classic vampire tale-revised by author in 2009)

There are, naturally, voodoo shops in the French Quarter that sell gris-gris, statues, fetishes, incense and masks. And all over the city, the supernatural is a selling point. We offer a generous royalty package for standalone publications that includes 50 percent of net profits after print, distribution costs, and discount incentives. Deadbook's creator, Hasso Wuerslin, interviewed on Rue Morgue radio. Loading Unsubscribe from Charles Kirkland? Horror Cash views. History Talk 0 The following is a list of eZines that feature horror stories and non-fiction articles.

Welcome to Gryphonwood! But remember to include your name and address as part of the attachment. Mythic and Pagan only. Horror across the Continents Vintage Horror across the Continents. Bonnie Mercure's Guide to Writers' Markets. Yellowbrickroad is a return to the slow burn, character driven horror thrillers of the s. The rest of the Submissions page is a reference work. Help BHN by linking us in your facebook, myspace and blogs!

Dissections is an international horror e-zine that welcomes horror-related textual and visual submissions. Poems for younger readers, 12— lines. We've rolled up our sleeves and are ready to resist. With each release having a narrower focus. Mark Cassell lives in a rural part of the UK where he often dreams of dystopian futures, peculiar creatures, and flitting shadows. Suitable artwork is also accepted. We list the most horror magazines on the web. GUD seeks out uncommon tropes, metaphors, and forms--elements that underlie humanity and existence, but perhaps don't get their proper play in magazines that are focused too much on specific genres or literary movements.

Couldn't find answers to questions from our site? Want to know more about UFP? Have an idea you want to share or books you would like to order? Reach out to UFP by filling out the form below or contact us by using the following information. I seem to have plenty of short stories and poetry for my e-zine The Horror Zine, but I am currently looking for submissions of artwork from morbidly creative artists. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Posts about e zine written by The Overseer. Free to submit! Must be fast paced. All types of horror and dark fantasy are welcome.

Guidelines note that they accept all forms of horror-themed poetry; submissions are published as sent to them. Hello Horror: An online literary magazine and blog dedicated to finding true fear Horror is a diverse genre, ranging from supernatural fantasy to dystopian sci-fi, from gore to writing that probes the darkness of the human mind. Hello Horror is a horror literary journal which accepts fiction, non-fiction and poetry. New horror e-zine, aimed towards destroying the calmness of todays literature, twisted, sick, strong stories are a plenty inside the disturbing pages.

Games Movies TV Video. When you tire of quoting The Raven, it could be time to seek some publication avenues for your own horror-themed and dark poetry. Debbie Kuhn writes across genres, but admits that horror is her favorite. Top 10 Monsters in Horror. Vampire horror host sex symbol Count Gore De Vol brings you Creature Feature, with vampires, zombies, werewolf, witches, monsters, ghouls, goblins, gargoyles, horror movies, horror stories, Captain 20, humorous entertainment Guidelines: Nightmare is seeking original horror and dark fantasy stories.

Specializing in dark fiction and horror. She is the Her short stories have been published in magazines, ezines, collections and anthologies. In Nightmare's pages, you will find all kinds of horror fiction, from zombie stories and haunted house tales, to visceral psychological horror.

The blog's main page is packed full of interesting Lovecraft-related links, photos, and articles. Bonnie Mercure is a published fiction writer who lives in Wisconsin. It will be a horror ezine for horror writers and dark poetry, so it'd need a darker theme. But will accept stories that are between 2, and 25, words. Greatest Uncommon Denominator Magazine dares to defy the confines of genre and ignores the limitations imposed by form.

Some say zombie movies are overrated and overplayed. For more information, see our about page. This magazine is the cream of the alien crop. Primarily a horror writer, his steampunk, dark fantasy, and SF stories have featured in several anthologies and ezines. Now, some fears are timeless.

It went live May 7, and since its inception, it has amassed over 2, stories in its library. Lovecraftian horror, the Cthulhu Mythos, and weird fiction! We're looking for smart, complex, thought-provoking pieces that weave in elements of the spooky season. The database is searchable, and we very much hope you find a place. Lovecraft eZine. Clarkesworld Magazine is a Hugo, World Fantasy, and British Fantasy Award-winning science fiction and fantasy magazine that publishes short stories, interviews, articles and audio fiction.

No erotica. The best source for the latest horror movie news, videos, and podcasts. It dates from Contact info HERE. Horror isn't all blood and gore. Sort calls by payment rate, genre, and format under Sort Submission Calls in the sidebar at right or on the Sort Submission Calls page. He quickly sets the situation of the book down, with the introduction of the very close-knit Faraday family, then slowly builds the tension as the story unfolds.

The Ezine Directory was created by Ryan Jensen in as a resource for ezine publishers and subscribers, and today lists hundreds of the best email newsletters available on the Internet. The Horror Zine ezine is also now open to submissions for fiction, poetry and art Horror Magazines List. Dark Helix Press will be publishing an ezine starting May for the purpose of helping authors market themselves. His best-selling debut novel, The Shadow Fabric, is closely followed by the popular short story collection, Sinister Stitches, and are both only a fraction of an expanding mythos of demons, devices, and deceit.

A full contract will be provided upon acceptance into the ezine. By Wil Forbis October 16th, The House Of Hamlyn. From the editor of Galaxy Science Fiction Magazine. Fantasy Scroll Magazine was a first monthly, then quarterly e-zine that was published between and Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Horror.

'20/20' Observes 'Psychic' Energy Feeding

If you have finished a short story and are wondering where to submit it and how to get paid, your next step is to submit it to an editor. I'm planning on adding a forum so it'd be nice if they were compatable. Mystery Magazines, Ezines And Periodicals There is just something about reading magazines for its mystery magazines especially that appeals to most of us.

Horror | SYFY WIRE

Flash Fiction Magazine is always accepting submissions. Pitch an idea for an article, and if it grabs us, Nightmare is a horror and dark fantasy magazine. Horror Fiction eZines. During the 3 years, I also edited and published one anthology called Dragons, Droids, and Doom. Stories, poems, essays and artwork from some of the biggest names in the horror genre, as well as Pan Horror Stories and 'Dark Voices'.

Hip, edgy horror. The database is searchable, and we very much hope you find a place to publish your work. Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy are all welcomed, as long as they fit in the realms of Weird and Cosmic. Art by: Tammy Riker. Shorts, flash, poetry and art from Australian and NZ writers and artists. HelloHorror accepts works of fiction, non-fiction, micro-fiction, poetry, photography, visual art and film.

The article you are about to read was contributed by yours truly in February as part of the flagship release of what was intended to be a monthly Horror e-zine. Dissections is an international horror and dark fantasy e-journal that provides a rich opportunity for academics, critics and creative writers and artists to publish alongside each other. Whatever kind you write, there's a publication out there looking for your work.

Here is our listing for horror magazines. Write Short Stories and Poems. The truth is that it is very easy to start an eZine, but it is very hard to do it well. Smallish, but not quite as small as the low-income homes across the way. Lists markets, articles, etc. The subgenres include everything from the mildly unsettling like Twilight Zone , to splatterpunk which is exactly what you think it is. Why pay money to be horrified? I think part of the reason is this: horror movies have a certain honesty. Lansdale in Horror Zine alongside folks who are new to the business.

Check out our new issue, 31! Take a look! Back issues are also available. Please wait as we search our 10, ezines for your request your search will soon display below! Science fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Speculative Fiction Date Welcome to the home page of Tales of the Unanticipated, an anthology of speculative fiction, fantasy, horror, and stories that you just wouldn't anticipate.

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We ask for exclusive rights for one year, and non-exclusive after that. Jeani Rector chooses good stories, not just stories from big names. We're not looking for blatant horror or vampires and werewolves we do, however, like ghost stories and witches and magical realism. I concede the original Halloween was much-better done than most such, but also feel it helped, along with Night of the Living Dead, of course, to mark the end of innocence in horror and sf movies. Deadman — 1 Comment Lovecraft eZine. They spotlight horror writing prompts, articles on writing a horror story, how to write a horror novel, marketing your book and much more!

We are currently closed to art submissions. By Stephanie M. Fantasy includes heroic fantasy, fairy tales, contemporary fantasy, and horror but no blood and guts. Nuketown - A speculative fiction ezine featuring libertarian science fiction, fantasy and horror news, stories and reviews as well as our ever-popular hoax and urban legend debunkings. About the Author. Being a new member to Amazing Stories brings you one step closer to reading great science fiction! Are you an aspiring author, or someone simply looking for an output for their creativity?

Short Stories allows you to easily post your own stories for our thousands of daily visitors to read, with the ability to view readers comments, ratings, as well as how many favorites and views your story has received Write Short Stories and Poems. The Best Horror Magazines from thousands of Horror Magazines on the web using search and social metrics. Lovecraftian games, movies, books, Much like other genres of speculative fiction, horror enjoys a loyal, and possibly fixated, fan base.

Think of it as a Costco magazine sampler with words instead of food! The first issue is by invitation only. Translations are acceptable and should be accompanied by a copy of the original text. Horror embodies the knowledge that we may be smart and pretty and popular and well-off but at four a. SQ Mag is an international speculative fiction ezine, which publishes the best of its fiction in an annual print and ebook anthology. There are scores of magazines, ezines, and websites that publish sci-fi, horror, fantasy, dark fiction, steam punk, and any combination of spec plus non-spec genres you can think of i.

It is published biannually by White Cat Publications on October 1et each year in perfect bound digest format. The five drabbles word stories I successfully submitted last year were in the two volumes, which included all the stories and drabbles posted by Horror Tree's Trembling With Fear TWF ezine in Submission deadline is midnight, Pacific Standard Time, on the date specified in the open call. Graveyards, mortuaries, haunted houses, haunted inanimate objects, Ouija Boardsyou get the idea. Apex Magazine.

No subject should be considered off-limits, and we encourage writers to take chances with their fiction and push the envelope. EnLighten is a print magazine of speculative poetry edited by Eduard Duray. Through social media, businesses can reach millions of customers and potential customers who use these sites every day. She is the author of over forty books in different genres and under different pen names, published by twelve publishers in six countries, translated into several languages.

Note that if you're in a different time zone, it will be at a different time! We'll be carrying on about my dabblings in Lovecraftian horror, Dark Shadows, the world of geocaching you name it. Includes book publishers, magazines, ezines, contests, etc. Submissions should be made via email. Relationships that…. We can't wait to read what you come up with for our Halloween issue.

We do have a limited number of print copies for past issues available for sale.