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Feline Dreams

  1. Who rules? Dogs and cats: Learning to get along
  2. Living with Both Cats and Dogs
  3. Cats vs. Dogs: Which Is the Best Pet for Me? | Hill's Pet
  4. Origin and history of cats

Does it leap across the kitchen when someone drops a cookie, or go on high alert when it sees a squeaky toy? Hold off Fido's face time with Fluffy until the former is trained to stay put. And even then, keep a leash handy during the first several cat-dog meetings.

Who rules? Dogs and cats: Learning to get along

Make this refuge off-limits to the dog, but create safe spaces around the house, too. This way, the cat can confidently navigate shared territory without trouble from its canine sibling.

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Buy tall cat trees, install shelves, or place a cat bed atop a bookcase. This allows your cat to observe the dog from a safe distance, or cross a room without touching the floor. Cats should feel safe while doing their business, plus dogs sometimes ew like to snack on cat feces, a bad habit that can cause your pooch to contract intestinal parasites.


These worms can cause a slew of health problems, including vomiting, diarrhea, weight loss, and anemia. Baby gates work in a pinch, but since some dogs are escape artists, prepare for worst-case scenarios by keeping the litter box uncovered and in an open space. Dogs also need lots of stimulation. Receiving it in a controlled manner makes them less likely to satisfy it by, say, chasing a cat.

Living with Both Cats and Dogs

For this, Sandor recommends toys, herding-type activities, lure coursing, and high-intensity trick training. This way, they can satisfy their curiosity and avoid potential turf battles. Just like humans, cats and dogs have just one good chance to make a great first impression. Luckily, they both love food, which might ultimately help them love each other.

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  • Schedule the first cat-dog meeting during mealtime, but keep the dog on a leash and both animals on opposite sides of a closed door. For centuries, people have selectively bred dogs to be obedient and responsive. Cats, on the other hand, pretty much domesticated themselves when wildcats followed mice and rats into agricultural settlements.

    Cats vs. Dogs: Which Is the Best Pet for Me? | Hill's Pet

    Not only that, but domestic dogs have a 20,year headstart over cats. Also, one of the first things dogs learn in obedience school is how to answer to their name, which in turn makes them easier to work with and socialize.

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    Until a decade or two ago, most pet cats spent most of their time outside, coming indoors only at night or in bad weather. See our favorite photos of pet felines.

    Origin and history of cats

    Read Caption. Cats associate their names with rewards, such as food and petting.

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    Cats know their names—why it's harder for them than dogs New research in Japan's cat cafes reveals our pet felines are more attuned to us than we thought. By Carrie Arnold.