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  1. God’s Choice or the god of Choice
  2. Principles of Quran
  3. Prologue to Decoding the Quran
  4. And the Answer is . . . Al-Haqq! | Understand Al-Qur'an Academy
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God’s Choice or the god of Choice

Fatwas Part Sixty-Two. Le destin de M. Ibn Salman et de son royaume saoudien. The Fate of M. Ibn Salman and his Saudi Kingdom. Ibn Salman sur les mercenaires:. Quelle honte! What a Disgrace! Fatwas Part Sixty-One. Fatwas Part Sixty Issued by: Dr. Ahmed Subhy Mansour, translated by: Ahmed Fathy. They Ask You about the Halloween. Le Saint Coran et la destruction de la famille Al-Saoud.

Fatwas Part Fifty-Nine. Quand l'Arabie saudite se purifiera-t-elle de l'abomination du wahhabisme?! An Introductory Article. Fatwas Part Fifty-Eight. Quranic Terminology: Al-Qayyum. Mansour with "Egypt Post One" Website. Fatwas Part Fifty-Seven. Seeking Knowledge, Even by Traveling to Mozambique! Fatwas Part Fifty-Six. About the Topic of Polygamy, Again! Quranic Terminology: The Concept of Betrayal. Stealing from the State?! Fatwas Part Fifty-Three. Fatwas Part Fifty-Two. The Metaphysical Realm in the Quran.

Fatwas Part Fifty-One. Abdullah Nasr. Fatwas: Part Forty-Nine. Fatwas: Part Forty-Eight. Informing Citizens about the Types of Tyranny and Tyrants. Fatwas: Part Forty-Seven. They Ask You about Fayrouz. Dancing Amidst the Steps of a Staircase! The Riding Ones and the Ridden Ones! Fatwas: Part Forty-Six. The Visit of the Old Lady! Fatwas: Part Forty-Five. An Adulterated Religion! An Adulterated Remedy! Fatwas: Part Forty-Four. Fatwas: Part Forty-Three. Harmful Mosques and Mosques of Farting! Fatwas: Part Forty-Two. Quranists and Bokharists. Fatwas: Part Forty.

On Prayers Performed by Muslims inside Churches. On the Ordeal of Changing Oneself to the Better. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Nine. The Conditions of Citizens under the Yoke of Tyranny.

Principles of Quran

Wake Up, Arabs! Fatwas: Part Thirty-Eight. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Seven. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Six. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Five. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Four. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Three. Carrying their Burdens and the Burdens of their Followers. The Blissful Ignorance. We Do Not Desire the Ignorants.

Prophet Abraham and the Most Ancient Inquisition. We Are about to Despair! Overlapping Concepts: ''Prophet'' and ''Messenger'' in the Quran. Islam Is the Religion of Justice. Ruling without God's Revelation. Religious Freedom and the Intellectual War of Ideas. Quranic Terminology: Awra. Fatwas: Part Thirty-Two. Fatwas: Part Thirty-One. Fatwas: Part Thirty. Fatwas: Part Twenty-Nine. This Great Egyptian-American Lady. Abdul-Wahab Al-Nawary par les Houthistes. Abdul-Wahab Al-Nawary by the Houthis. Fatwas: Part Twenty-Eight. Fatwas: Part Twenty-Seven.

Fatwas: Part Twenty-Six. The Farce of Sentencing Sheikh M. Question: Should Muslim brotherhood should be banned? Fatwas: Part Twenty-Five. These Cursed Wahabis! Fatwas: Part Twenty-Four. Fatwas: Part Twenty-Three.

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  1. Absolute Reality in the Qur'an.
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Fatwas: Part Fourteen. From Niqab to Decapitated Heads.

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    The use of the above mentioned means of condemnation, questioning and the real challenge of mind seems to be effective in achieving this goal.

    Prologue to Decoding the Quran

    But most of them know not The Truth, and so turn away. Who doth more wrong than such as invent a falsehood against Allah? Furthermore, they could not offer any proof as actually the multiplicity of gods is inconceivable considering the unity of design in this wonderful universe. Thus, they were reproached for basing their religious doctrines on guesswork and conjecture without considering whether or not those doctrines are backed up or supported by: Evidence, any proof or even clear rational argument.

    Why didst thou grant them exemption until those who told the truth were seen by thee in a clear light, and thou hadst proved the liars? Why dispute ye about Abraham when the Torah and the Gospel were not revealed till after him? Have ye no understanding?

    And the Answer is . . . Al-Haqq! | Understand Al-Qur'an Academy

    Ye are those who fell to disputing even in matters of which ye had some knowledge! But why dispute ye in matters of which ye have no knowledge? It is Allah who knows, and ye who know not! Accordingly, Abraham is neither a Jew nor a Christian because the Torah and Gospel were not revealed until after his time. Meanwhile, there should be no dispute about his religion as it is only God who knows and he told us that Abraham was wholly devoted to Him and never associated others with Him in His divinity.

    Glory to Allah! He is free from the sort of things they attribute to Him! Thus, we will be exercising fair-mindedness and developing intellectual perseverance and confidence in reason. Otherwise, our attitudes are illogical, irrational, and unscientific. Analogical reasoning is built into the very fabric of Islam as it is estimating or measuring one thing in terms of another and coming up with new concepts.

    And he was. In fact, in the sight of God, Adam was just a mere handful of dust and after creation is nothing more than a human and prophet. Therefore, by analogy, Jesus, as well as all humanity, is as human as Adam.

    Publisher Description

    Thus, in Islam, the high status which Jesus occupies is attributed to him only as a human great prophet and teacher. In fact, analogical reasoning represents a higher cognitive function of reason as it is based on the brain ability to form patterns of association for coming up with new concepts. This demonstration of Abraham confirmed that life and death are under God's complete control and time is immaterial to God's working. Furthermore, it does not signify that Abraham denied or entertained any doubts as regard life after death because he had complete faith in God's power.

    Thus, to confirm by themselves the inability of those deities and subsequently give them the strongest condemnation of imagining that any other being is as equal or in the same category with one true God who have all power. In fact, mischief and corruption appear in societies as consequences of people's ill deeds.

    Meanwhile, it denotes God's will to give them the taste of some of their evil deeds as partial punishment so that it may be a warning for the future, an invitation to enter the door of repentance and elimination of evil by education and purification of people's own will. Thus, it seems that there is no other way for influencing the collective mind of the society in ordering human conduct on a sound foundation.

    Source of Support: Nil. Conflict of Interest: None. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. This is because His mercy is all-embracing. He is al-Rahman, and hence he gives existence to all and also bestows them with the provisions essential to wake up and realize the truth. He knows when and how a dead heart can get to life, while we are oblivious about that. A'tini bimas'alati iyyaka jami'a khayr al-dunya wa jami'a khayr al-akhirah. Avail me by my asking you all the good of this world and all the good of the Hereafter. Bimas'alati iyyaka jami'a khayr al-dunya wa jami'a khayr al-akhirah ….

    Since the dunya is a lower manifestation of aakhira, if we seek all the good of this world, we have also sought all the good of the hereafter. The criteria of something good therefore are when it is good in both the realms of existence. Bimas'alati iyyaka jami'a khayr al-dunya wa jami'a khayr al-akhirah …This verse reveals an elevated spirit who in reality seeks the Absolute. Hence because the human being is innately inclined to all the perfect attributes of Allah and does not yearn for them in a limited form, He seeks the absolute.

    He yearns for all power, all-knowledge, all-beauty. Wasrif 'anni bimas'alati iyyaka jami'a shar al-dunya wa sharr al-akhirah. And avert from me by my asking You, all the evil of the world and the evil of the Hereafter. Every evil is harmful to the human being. And hence to ask Allah to dispel every evil is to respond to the innate call of the heart…sharr al-dunya wa al-aakhira…Sharr in reality is the absence of good. It is not an existential reality amr wujudi. Hence we are in reality asking Allah to protect us from imperfection.

    And since the world is a manifestation of the Hereafter, we are seeking for the prevention of such imperfections that pertain to this world as well as the Hereafter. For surely whatever You give is not decreased [from your treasure]. Fa innahu ghayru manqusin ma a'tayta …Because whatever He provides does not separate from Him lam yalid , but rather is his action, nothing decreases from His kingdom ghayru manqus.

    Rather, because when He provides to a receptacle which contain great knowledge, it widens, He provides more, and this process always continues. Hence the provisions of His treasures instead of decreasing always increase. Since there is no kind of stinginess on the part of Allah, whatever He provides is perfect. The cause s of imperfection is from our side. The rain is provided pure and limpid, but our containers and receptacles have been contaminated. So if we receive contaminated water, it is our own fault and not his. If we come with a broken container, the loss of water is due to the receptacle and not the giver of water.

    We should seek for a spacious heart al-qalb al-mashruh in order to be able to enjoy great quantities of spiritual waters. Fa innahu ghayru manqusin ma a'tayta …The descent of existence from the absolute perfection brings about deficiency. Hence deficiency is not provided. Wa zidni min fadhlika Ya Karimu …Invoking the name Ya Kareemu reveals that we are asking for karaama greatness. And the most kareem according to Allah is the most God-wary and pious.

    Indeed the most honorable and great near Allah is one who is most God-wary of you holy Quran, Wa zidni min fadhlika … We employed the words fadhlika Your favor because in actuality whatever Allah gives us, whether the succor of obeying him, understanding the depths of His religion, performing good deeds, or receiving material and spiritual provisions, is only a favor. We have nothing of our own so that we can anticipate something in return. Everything is from Him and His, and will always remain so. This is a Quranic and intellectual reality. Ya dha al-Jalali wa al-Ikram …In a tradition, Abu Basir asks Imam al-Sadiq a about the meaning of raising one's hands during supplication, and the Imam a speaks of five ways.

    Ya dha al-Jalali wa al-Ikram …Hence moving our index figures signifies humility on our part. Therefore we should struggle to ensure that our heart reflects what our speech expresses. Invoking such a name, perhaps informs us that all what we sought previously in summarized in this name.