Manual Integrals and Series [Vol 2 - Spl Functions]

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The moving parts of robot have to be designed for simple and robust. But the dynamic characteristics analysis is induced by the robot links because they drive in high acceleration and deceleration. In this reason, the dynamic characteristics analysis of the high-speed robot is very important in the design process. In this paper, the study on robot driving torque analysis of an articulated robot has been done and the re-search results will be introduced.

But, due to the harsh and uneven nature of the aquatic environment, the operation of the UWSN is effected badly as no time synchronization between nodes, In this paper, we propose to develop a Cluster based Time Synchronization Algorithm for Mobile UWSN. This algorithm aims at synchronizing the time between the network nodes by performing inter cluster as well as intra cluster synchronization. In this way, once the nodes are time synchronized, the network operation will be carried out smoothly, in turn consuming lesser energy to perform the network functionality.

Integrals and Series [Vol 2 - Spl Functions]

The rest is disposed of in ditches and streams threatening the environment. The most suitable AD scale has the highest total value. Seven experts in rural biogas management are asked for their opinion about the most appropriate AD scale for processing the manure waste. The result of AHP shows that land availability is the main factor as it has the highest value Furthermore, household scale AD with ca-pacity from 4 m3 — 12 m3 is the most suitable AD scale for the location.

However, not all capacities of AD can be necessarily constructed because of land availability factor. Overlay technique is used to identify the location and type of AD. Overlaid of three variables i. There are 75 farmers who meet the land availability criteria, while 80 farmers have no adequate land area for constructing the AD. However, only 64 individual ADs can be constructed when all variables interest, land availability and cow ownership are considered.

Other farmers who have interest should be construct either the individual AD under the stall 67 farmers or communal AD 24 farmers. Also, the static proxy nodes are not suitable during the transmission and quick as well as accurate MAC layer contention detection technique is required. In this scheme, the underlying MANET routing protocol selects the proxy nodes along the source and destination based on link availability and link-layer transmission queue length metrics parameters.

The local congestion is detected by verifying missing TCP sequence. And the end to end congestion is detected based on the frame transmission efficiency. By simulation results, we show that the proposed technique guarantees connectivity and congestion free transmission. The effects of different solvents and their mixtures on its antioxidant properties were studied.

The result shows, the quality of extracted material is found to depend on the solvent proportions according to special cubic model of TPC, TFC and IC Steel is the material which is used for all types of reinforcement in column, beam and slab. The main disadvantage of this material that it easily corrodes when it interacts with moisture and due to this effect, its strength is also greatly reduced and it leads to durability problem in buildings. For reducing this effect, we utilize the bamboo rebars as a reinforcement in the place of steel for not only to increase durability property but also to enhance the utilization of low-cost and efficient materials for construction purpose.

The bamboo rebars were placed in both tension and compression zone on 0. The beams are tested under loading frame and test results are obtained. In loading frame, two-point loads were given in one- third of position on both ends in beam. From our research, we recommend that bamboo can also be utilized in members instead of steel in structural members.

While re-habilitation efforts for the bridge have finished, the validity of its elevation still needs to be studied. It was found that: 1 only the downstream areas of the floodplain are significantly affected by flooding events from Typhoon Rammasun and at 15, 25, 50, and year return periods, 2 water surface elevation only reached up to 4. Abstract : Modern communication required high speed of data transmission and reception. The multi users can be transmitted using OFDM system in parallel way of transmission and reception approach. The main limitation of multiuser OFDM system is that it can able to transmit the data of unicast and multicast separately.

In this paper, superimposing OFDM architecture is proposed to overcome such limitations in conventional methods. The performance of the proposed superimposing OFDM architecture is analyzed in terms of power consumption with state of arts. These meth-ods widely used in wastewater treatment. However, research on COD fraction for leachate is limited. Three methods were applied in this re-search to compare the significant features of the three methods. Modified method with optimum dosage of zinc sulphate known as Method 2 M2 was investigated in evaluate the correlation between COD particulate and coagulant.

Effect of optimum dosage in M2 was consid-ered as new finding. Further research on COD fractions of leachate should be investigated to identify the appropriate treatment for mature leachate. In this paper, distance metric and probabilistic features are extracted from each individual node in WSN with respect to its surrounding nodes.

These individual extracted features are given to the input of the classification algorithm. This paper uses feed forward back propagation neural networks for training and testing the individual nodes using the extracted node features. The concert of this hidden node identification in WSN using metric and probabilistic features based classification algorithm analyzed energy consumption, throughput and delay. Abstract : T his paper describes a potential development of haze measurement system by measuring visibility of a medium instead of measuring con-centration of particulate matter in air.

This measurement system is using an open path optical method to measure visibility of a few series of known-VLT thin film. VLT or visible light transmission rate plays an important role in order to determine the visibility of a medium and can be an alternative method to determine the haze index. Current instrument to measure haze is very big in size and cost too expensive relatively.

Therefore an alternative method using a laser pointer as a light source and a spectrometer as a detector is introduced. The result shows that the measurement system is capable to measure a few series of known-VLT thin film within the visible light region nm. It shows that this measurement system is capable to measure the visibility of haze and the response time is less than 1 s is reported.

In this service-oriented world, much attention has to be given to customer specifications by providing continuous applications delivery with reduced time-to-market. Instead of contractual approach the agile approach is used to emphasis on taming the Requirements Engineering, Testing and Quality Assurance activities. This increased importance of testing methodology manifests the software developing companies to advance further on testing approaches, preventing defects during the development process. ACT-ST approach is very evident, supported by the open source framework that generates test cases using the syntactic structure of Gherkin language from ATDD scenario specifications extracted from the user stories quoted with acceptance criteria.

Thus, flow cell ultrasound is an efficient sustainable technology but the economic costs need to be carefully balanced with the need for sustainable treatment for future. Forest fire detection in the early stage can prevent major causes due to fire attack. To increase the sensitivity of detection, color and texture feature with hybrid decision making algorithms such as artificial neural networks ANN , Support Vector machine SVM , k- nearest classifier KNN is used and optimized output will be selected. Many organizations use the PowerPoint Presentations for discussing their projects with stakeholders, or for their project reviews.

Many students use the Presentations to display their ideas of designs and how they implement it. This involves the user to analyse the content on which the presentation is to be made, shrink the content into smaller parts, and finally creating slides manually. There are many tools which are able to generate slides, and which automate the process of doing that.

Generation of slides must involve some content, and this work aims to involve content given by the user varying from a normal text file to a web-page, and make available to the user the slides, based on the content. Our work involves automating the process by summarizing the entire text document given as an input, and generating PowerPoint slides using the aforementioned summary.

Two types of dyes which are anionic and cationic dyes, respectively, were chosen, namely methyl orange MO , and crystal violet CV. As the amount of NAL increases, the removal percentage of both dyes increased. NAL was able to remove up to However, only Universal evaluation of functional scan images regularly depends on Manual reorientation, visual reading and Furthermore, semi quantitative examination from certain specific segments of the cerebrum. This paper suggested the Adaptive Neuro methodology for robotized multiclass analysis of Dementia with the higher order reasoning about MRI Image of a human Brain.

The testresult consequence demonstrates that the proposed technique execution posses a better result than by comparing with different order methodologies. This research contributes not only a framework for the devel-opment of resilience measurement application, but also several theories for the concept building blocks, such as performance measurement management, and resilience engineering in real world environment. The data evaluated in this paper was taken from the metal industry sector from Statistics Indonesia. The sectoral efficiency was measured by using Data Envelopment Analysis in series.

The result shows that there were sectoral efficiency drops when currency exchange shocks occur. This research is a continuation of previously published paper on performance measurement in the industrial sector. Finally, this paper contributes an alternative performance measurement method in indus-trial sector based on resilience concept. Moreover,this research demonstrates how applicable the concept of Resilience Engineering is and its method of measurement..

An efficient WSN protocol needs to conserve energy as the main objective of maximizing the network lifetime. Further, secure topology construction is also included in this work, because trust value is considered as a vital factor which affects the behavior of nodes. The incompletion or inconsistency in gathering information of sensor nodes is not well-handled in most existing techniques for the selection of cluster head, taking into account trust Value, Residual Energy, Shortest Path distance , and Number of Neighbor Nodes.

This work elects cluster heads under the condition of indeterminacy in selection criteria with the aid of Intuitionistic fuzzy Logic based decision making. These cluster heads are responsible for collecting and integrating the data received from cluster nodes. The integrated data packets are transferred to the base station using Intuitionistic fuzzy inference engine for improved load balancing, in case of high traffic and presence of collision detection.

The simulation results demonstrate that this approach is more effective in protracting network lifespan, because in WSN, it finds the optimal shortest route, and, during vagueness while electing both cluster heads, the degree of indeterminacy is considered. Generally, the encryption technique is most im-portant thing are used to protect energy transmission channels from an unauthorized receiver. Besides, the encryption technique in medium field of WPT system also can be used to transmit the data securely. In the research on the effects of security key for secure of energy trans-fer to authorized receiver is important of the encryption techniques of WPT.

Furthermore, chaos theory are proposed to the energy encryp-tion scheme of WPT system. In chaos theory, to chaotically regulate the switching frequency the logistic map are applied to proposed securi-ty key. In addition, the power and distance performance are effect on the characteristics of chaos theory.

Accordingly, this paper explore mainly adequate distance based on mobile charging application. Energy encryption in medium field for WPT system are focusing on dis-tance performance of this research. Meanwhile, this research is deal on the comparison of performance in distance based on mobile charging application. The documentation of Indian foods can be traced to a period before 3, B.

The presence of bacteria known as probiotics is behind the enhanced flavor and medicinal properties of fermented foods. An increase in the life style disorders due to the junk food and fast food culture has created problems among the people all over the world and this in turn has led to the increased dependency on wonder drugs and switching over to many probiotic health products.

Adoption of a Probiotic culture in a country like India to prevent various diseases rather than seeking cure for them through the production of Probiotic foods at the household level is quite inevitable. Tandem repeats detection is important function in biology and medicine for phylogenic studies and diagnosing various diseases. Short Tandem Repeats STRs plays an important role in human genetic disease and for various regulatory mechanism and evolution.

The mutation rate is higher in STR which leads to more biological research in this area. In our study at least two adjacent nucleotide patterns are considered as tandem repeats. The hash function generally hashes a longer string into much shorter string with fixed length. Mostly the STRs in the five genes are tetranucleotide and contains perfect tandem repeat. The proposed STRH algorithm identifies more number of tandem repeats than the traditional algorithms. Abstract : DNA-based electrochemical sensing can promise a simple, accurate and inexpensive for disease diagnosis.

One of the main parts in this type of DNA sensor is linker or recognition layer. This study focuses on preliminary approach towards the effect of the linker in DNA sensor. A theoretical approach has been carried out to four different lengths of linker which involve Schiff base molecules with different R group attached ro the molecule 3,6,9, and 12 carbon chain. Structure drawing was done with GaussView 5. Results showed that the length of the linker does not play a role in this study. The best results obtained was from 6 carbon length as it has the highest value of dipole moment which is 4.

This theoretical result will be compared with experimental results in the near future. The object detection and tracking with high performance ratio for video object detection and tracking is achieved in the methods investigated. But most of the methods suffer from computational complexity. The reduction of complexity can happen at any stages of the ball tracking like preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction, background subtraction and hole filling.

The methods investigated in this paper are trajectory based ball-detection and tracking method, region growing algorithm, PSO algorithm and Mean Shift algorithm with HSV color space and texture features. Detail investigation on the approaches, implementation issues and future trends are presented. Material properties are taken as temperature dependent. The effect of different geometry and material property parameters on the stress-strain state of functionally graded Epitro-choidal Shells under pressure and thermal environment is demonstrated.

Finally, the change of the stresses, displacements, rotations and stains were investigated and presented. Cloud comprise of an accumulation of virtual machine which incorporates both computational and storeroom. The primary point of cloud computing is to give productive access to remote and geologically appropriated assets. Cloud is creating step by step and faces numerous difficulties, one of them is scheduling.

Scheduling alludes to an arrangement of strategies to control the request of work to be performed by a PC framework. A decent scheduler adjusts its scheduling technique as per the changing condition and the sort of undertaking. Algorithm ought to be tried in cloud Sim toolbox and result demonstrates that it gives better execution contrasted with other customary scheduling algorithm. Abstract : This paper presents an improved design of current differencing buffered amplifier CDBA capable of performing both current mode and voltage mode operations.

The improvised flipped voltage follower based current input stage of CDBA offers very low input resistance of only The voltage follower stage also performs almost rail to rail and exhibits an extremely low output resistance of 3. The circuit is designed in 0. The current transfer bandwidth is found to be Another important emerging technology is Artificial Intelligence for developing automatic systems that learn from environment, can perceive the environment and make decision making using test case based reasoning. In various domains or areas of knowledge-based, vision ability, learning capability, decision making capability and analytical reasoning, the Artificial Intelligence AI provides a better solution for almost all automatic systems.

Ihis paper discusses software testing types for home automation systems and how these system can utilize the Artificial Intelligence techniques for test case generation so as to increase its effectiveness, powerfulness etc. Abstract : This paper deal with the problem of global synchronization in arrays of coupled neural networks with uncertainties and mixed delays.

A numerical example is given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. People in multilingual countries have habituated to use several languages. Due to the increased number of multilingual speaker identification system applications, the interest in the area has grown notably in recent years. The accuracy of speaker recognition system is severely degraded if training and testing speech languages are different. In speaker recognition area, researchers have made many attempts to tackle language mismatch issues.

Choosing a suitable feature extraction method for obtaining appropriate information using speech signal is an essential task. This paper reports a concise experimental review of ten feature extraction techniques for the multilingual scenario. The monolingual, crosslingual and multilingual speaker identification studies are carried out using randomly selected 50 speakers from the IITG multi-variability speaker recognition IITG-MV database. Comparative results indicate that subband centroid frequency coefficients SCFC , linear frequency cepstral coefficients LFCC and multitaper Mel frequency cepstral coefficients MFCC features are considerably more useful in all the speaker identification.

Further, concluding any relation to speaker identification performance in the language mismatch environment is identification as the distribution of speakers in different languages is non-uniform. Abstract : We have been developing the visualization system of mathematical knowledge structure based on the hyperlink structure of mathematical e-learning website and expanding the knowledge structure to the field of STEM. We applied this technology to mathematical exercises which are incorporated into our mathematical e-learning website and developed a new visualization system which shows knowledge necessary for solving mathematical questions by using network graphs.

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  4. Biocontrol of Oilseed Rape Pests?
  5. Verification, Validation of Software for Nucl. Powerplant Instrumen., Ctl. (IAEA TRS-384).

The learner can study basic knowledge by just clicking hyperlinks on the knowledge structure map. We also developed print materials combined with the new system via QR code. This visualization system is a good tool for self-adaptive learning. In fact, this detection depends on the area of the RNFL network. One such organ in the human eye. This DR will give rise tovision loss in the human eye as the optic nerve is connected to the brain. Raw retinal fundus images are difficult to process by machine learning algos.

Hence, a survey is being given here in this very context. Various research analyzers have chipped away at this theme of the topic till now. In the sense, the recent works done by various authors across the globe is being presented here in this context so that this review article serves as the base for any researcher who is working in the field of ophthalmology could define their ownnew research problem. One of the important organ of the human being is the eye. Different types of the diseases occurs in the eyes. One of the deadliest disease which occurs in the eyes is the DR.

This disease is the second largest disease which is occurring amongst the human beings as per the WHO — United Nations survey. Hence, utmost importance has to be given to the eye care. This disease occurs due the reduction of the nerve area in the retina. If the area of the RNFL decreases, then the optic nerve which is connecting to the brain gets damage, leading to the loss of vision. In this paper, a mere introduction is given to the diabetic retinopathy disease.

Hence, anexhaustive review is given w. In this paper, a study on the force sensitive property by using a composite of graphite Gr and magnetorheological elastomer MRE is suggested where graphite powder was used as a conductive element in the composite. The carbonyl iron particles and graphite powder were mixed in the silicon rubber to produce the Gr-MRE composite.

The resistivity properties are then identified from a designated test rig that delivers different magnitude of the applied force on the sample. By having higher magnetic flux density in the material, the stiffness of the Gr—MRE could possibly be controlled depending on the magnitude of the force.

It is an effective technique for protecting the confidentiality and unforgeability of communications in Internet of Things IoT systems, especially when a number of generated cipher texts can be aggregated into a compact form. This paper focus on device capture attacks those are commonly threatening the implementations of signcryption on unattended devices by enabling an attacker to extract the cryptographic key from a captured device.

The proposed obfuscator can protect signcryption programs from key-extraction attacks by transforming the programs into unintelligible obfuscated programs. Experiments on different devices indicated that the proposed scheme performs reasonably well as expected. The scheme is widely applicable for various scenarios of IoT, where information is sent from unattended leaf nodes to a sink point. Fitness in the context of this study refers to physical fitness, specifically the cardiovascular endurance level test battery in the form of a 2.

This run test will be conducted to measure, test, and evaluate the performance of UPNM cadet students. All the run test results can be recorded electronically inside the portable software and will later be able to show the level of cardiovascular fitness of every cadet student according to age and gender. This software can also calculate the body mass index BMI. Normative survey method will be used in this study through the analysis of the 2. The run test scores will be classified in interval and ratio scales.

Based on the findings of this study, portable application software will have produced. The test can be done electronically and on portable mode. The next step to be taken is to have this application patented. As the data is transmitted in unsecured wireless medium, it is more susceptible for attacks. The distribution of the nodes in WSN eases the task for the attackers to alter the node characteristics and behaviour. This malicious node is a severe threat in terms of data security and resource management to the entire WSN, in which it is deployed.

The proposed method performance is investigated in provisos of its packet delivery ratio, detection rate and energy consumption, which shows a remarkable progress over the other state of art methods. Detected information's are finally forwarded to sink node or base station node. In this communication pattern, cooperation of each node in the network enable the hop by hop communication which reduces the energy consumption as well as time delay. Also due to some accidental events such as huge electro-magnetic waves and radiation will effects the sensors.

This leads to the failure of certain nodes and that will affects all the nodes communication. Therefore, proposed mechanisms will tackle these kind of accidental events to avoid communication failure and also gives a technique for increasing energy efficiency of nodes to increase the lifetime of network.

Data sensed by sensor will be collected, processed and sent through cluster heads to the base station in an efficient way. From the base stations collected data will be upload to cloud for user accessibility using cloud services. Simulation results show better performance concern to energy efficiency and the lifetime of the network. The use of commercial-off-the-shelf COTS components and the ongoing miniaturiza-tion of several technologies have already led to scattered instance of mission with promising scientific value. In this paper, the potential of Low Earth Orbit LEO Mission Control Unit MCU for small class satellite payloads is presented with the goal of providing utilities in-dustry to low cost and efficiency system towards enhancement of the services provided.

Many commercial companies have emerged to cater this objective, however most of them provide an expensive LEO satellites solution. Therefore, this paper proposes a low cost and compact platform to substitute the conventional one. The proposed solution in this paper is targeting Automatic Meter Reading AMR system spe-cifically at rural area meter.

In particular, this research is intended mainly for the researchers to start an exploration of new technology to be implemented in near future. Advanced development and assessment of CubeSats for SG will make it possible to be used as an alternative communication link. For K-means, a centroid represents the mean or median point of a group and for K-medoids, wherein a medoid represents the most central point of a data group. We present a hybrid method with both algorithms; k-medoids and k-means to cluster a dataset of thyroid disease drugs and the program is run to generate clusters centred on k-means and k-medoids, followed by enhancing the outcome by implementingfuzzy k-means.

Both the methods resulted in clusters with negative silhouettes, however, hybrid clustering algorithm resulted in partial overlapping of data points, hence fuzzy k-means algorithm was applied on sub-set of dataset. Finally, of all the six fuzzy algorithms studied, fkm algorithm displayed superior separation of clusters with well-defined data points.

Also to bring out the various factors that creates patient satisfaction. Further to evaluate the aspects relating to expectation, perception and satisfaction of the services provided by the hospital. Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to examine service quality in multi-speciality hospital in a town where fast mushrooming of private hospitals are at large in South India, India. Specifically, this study examines the five dimensions of SERVQUAL instrumentation reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, and responsiveness with respect to customer satisfaction of the services offered by the hospital.

Service quality has emerged as the highest expected aspect by the patients at the hospital. Research limitations: The research scope registered only patients experiences, respondents and experiences observed at the time of study. Practical Implications: The study provides a new understanding of SERVQUAL dimensions in the context of a multi-speciality hospital in a place where these services are provided and offered with a differentiation.

Thus provides an understanding of these dimensions and its role in making the organisation stand out among the intense competition and sustain in the long run. Based on reflection of node capacity and stability of the path we suggest a new CRN routing scheme in this article. To describe and gauge interface strength, execution in light of the development of exceedingly versatile airborne nodes [e.

Next we discuss about CRN topology administration conspire in view of a gathering model that reflects radio connection accessibility, and the cluster heads CHs are chosen in view of the hub degree level, the ordinary number of bounces, and channel changing from part center points to the CH. In the perspective of the discrete particle swarm optimization algorithm and node compression concept propose two new basic control channel CCC determination designs.

From the CH select the gateway and inter cluster control channels, by consider the total throughput and average delay between two CHs while the transmission of control information. At last we proposed based another steering plan in view of the capacity of node that firmly coordinates with the channel task. Our recreation comes about demonstrate that our suggested CCC determination plot has maximum throughput and little transmission time.

Differentiated and other pervasive CRN coordinating techniques, we proposed that directing plan achieves cut down ordinary end-to-end put off and higher bundle transport extent for high-smallness CRN applications, for example, airborne observation. Billions watch and play the game around the world.

Data Analytics has assumed a huge role in the world of Football. It has transformed how people approach games, team formation, player selection etc. Data analytics has enabled teams from around the world to understand their game better and perform better. Data analytics is also used to predict the outcomes of games enabling people to make educated guesses while betting. There is no doubt that Football is worldwide sport. It is very important for a Football enthusiast to know that the game keeps evolving towards a point where there are more quality teams around the world.

The present paper discusses exactly that and looks to provide an answer to that very question. This paper aims to optimize the throughput parameter of overlay networks. A network based on similar content is created and called as Semantic overlay Network. To duplicate the contented within the semantic system, FastReplica methods are used to condense the contented relocate time.

This file are down loaded through various network in parallel manner. The vibrant main schemes are obtained to the main end users of the domain SON at the similar time, alluring dissimilar portion of that file from dissimilar nodes and saturated in local point. The loads are animatedly collective in the middle of all the peers. The OB in turn returns the IP address of the semantic group requested by the node.

Then the node queries the semantic members for the file. All the connections are maintained by nodes. The uncertainty are in retreat to the suitable SONs, which increasing the probability of matching files and dipping the look for the dissimilar nodes on the main content.

Comparison of these spaces with some existing spaces were established. In multi-hop clustering, the sensor is selected as CH according to the two parameters maximum envelop position reckoning of the sensor nodes. By means of this in sequence every node will prefer the presence cluster head CH based on the negligible packet failure. Mat lab simulations demonstrate that taking into consideration packet failure in choosing the most excellent communication path has a significant contact on plummeting the energy utilization of the complex as well as greater than ever network throughput.

But it is very difficult for the normal people to understand it, so this paper proposes a real time system for better communication with normal people and disabled people. The gestures shown by the impaired people will be captured and the corresponding voice output is produced as one way and the voice input by normal people is taken and the periodic gesture will be displayed to them as another. First the image acquisition is carried where it captures the input image and then image pre-processing is done to extract the foreground image from the background, then feature extraction is carried out to extract the necessary details.

The extracted image is matched with the dataset and the corresponding voice output is generated for that gesture. Likewise, a microphone is used to capture the speech input of the normal people, then it is pre-processed to remove the extra noise in the speech signal and feature extraction is carried out to identify the necessary details and finally extracted voice is matched with the dataset and the corresponding hand gestured image will be displayed in LCD display.

By using this method the communication gap between the impaired and normal people get reduced. This development led to the introduction of mobile phones and its use in education is remarkable. Since India is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile phone services, this paper presents the prospects and challenges involved in implementing mobile learning in India. The aim of this paper is to describe the current state of mobile learning, the benefits, barriers, and challenges that would support teaching and learning.

This paper analyses the different study carried out based on mobile learning technologies in different countries and brought in suggestion of mobile learning and proposed the theoretical significance of mobile learning in education. Coir yarn produced by manual or mechanical means is of two ply structure. The single yarn produced by the mechanized process is a an open end type of yarn where two single yarn from the adjacent spinning heads are converged together and then twisted together before winding it on a bobbin.

Mstrip40 Manual

The single yarn produced is of core yarn type and the core component is generally a mono filament polyester fiber, with coir fibers wrapped over the filament to form a sheath. Fiber length distribution, packing fraction and breaking strength of both single and two ply coir yarn were tested and analyzed. Abstract : Industrial structural design to be adequate, usually four main aims of this study — value, protection, cost-effective and stylishness must be fulfilled. The research project aims to provide which method is cost-effective, more load transport capability and high flexural strength.

The angle section less economical compare with channel section section. The cost of channel section is The proposed converter is used in permanent magnet synchronous generator PMSG based 2. The proposed WES output supply frequency changes with respect to the change in wind velocity. The main objective of this ZSM 16nverter is to maintain constant frequency and constant load voltage when WES frequency changes with 16nd speed.

  1. K - K.2 Series - Active Loudspeakers - Loudspeakers - Products - Live Sound - QSC!
  2. Successful Small Game Hunting: Rediscovering Our Hunting Heritage!
  3. Advances in Multimedia Information Processing - PCM 2009: 10th Pacific Rim Conference on Multimedia, Bangkok, Thailand, December 15-18, 2009 Proceedings.
  4. Sizing Up Measurement: Activities for Grades 3-5 Classrooms.

It also reduces the power loss during low wind velocity and also due to total harmonic distortions THD. In this work, the ZSM converter performance parameters like output voltage fi16uency, voltage magnitude, THD level are analyzed for various wind velocities and switching frequencies. It causes heavy damage in the human brain and problems like lack of memory and concentration accompanied by impaired decision making takes place.

The electrical activity of human brain is identified by, Electroencephalography EEG signals. An EEG signal depicts multiple patterns for various neurological disorders. Hence, it is widely preferred one in clinical diagnosis. Applications of Information technologies in SMEs are comparatively less due to additional investment and low retention of skilled employees.

This work is to develop a software tool for automating the process of documentation and report generation in quality management system. Proposed tool will perform ISO documentation and generate reports. The developed tool is implemented in a medium scale enterprise and the performance of quality management is compared.

The current research is to study the people of TamilNadu state with list of questionnaires to find them experiencing various symptoms in their routine life. In this article the study is carried out to identify environmental factors and their origins for Parkinsonism. The outcome of this paper is to discriminate healthy people from those with PD based on environmental risks and other factors that affects the ageing people. In the rushing world, technology development is peaked. Human beings are fully addicted with technology, intake of food and that leads to easy attack on diseases results.

To cure the disease, intake of medicines at over dosage of chemical compounds leads to lot of side effects. In previous analysis, it tells about the maximum and minimum utilization of drugs and increase in number of enrols and the mean number of prescription can be found. In addition to that, amount spent for drugs for Medicaid enrols has been increased in the last decade dramatically Exploratory data analysis EDA is an approach for analyzing data sets to summarize their main characteristics, often with visual methods. The methodologies used for this analysis are statistical analysis - collecting, exploring and presenting large amounts of data in a graphical view-pie chart, bar, line graph can be plotted.

This analysis speaks the maximum and minimum utilization of drug with limited dosage in a particular state, comparison of the drug with maximum utilization in every quarter can be analysed with the count of prescriptions given in the data set. Maximum drug used in particular time period and the survey of disease is shown.

Splices are therefore most often used when the structural element is required in longer length and also resistant the seismic force in structural elements. Industrial roof truss is designed manually for both conventional and cold formed steel as per codal provisions. Experimental Investigation is finally done for the Splice Connections with a specimen. The project is all about how the section is deduced and economical while using splice connections.

Experimental and theoretical results indicate the significant reduction in member and deflection with incremental increase of ultimate load carrying capacity. The key challenge in the work is to provide the accuracy with the sensors and the results by communicating the medical reports to the doctors or patient. By imposing the requirement to the modern development in challenging the medical aspects with the Nano Plasmon execution. The Photonic Crystal model simulation is done in the 2D model of Holes-In-Slab with change in the refractive index in selected sensing hole.

The refractive index material of the normal cancer by combining the refractive index of the primary and secondary stage in order to know the tissue is cancerous or non-cancerous. Six different sensing holes are considered with six different RI Sensitivity and Quality factors for different sensing holes for different cancerous tissues are investigated. High quality factor is obtained from the H4 holes in the slab of nearly of and sensitivity of 0.

Each bunch head is ap-pointed with a critical degree by the fluffy framework in view of info parameters, for example vitality, closeness to base station, and group size. At that point it advances the base station towards the bunch head with the high Critical Degree value, so it can substantially spare most of its strength. Many authors have tried to express true nature of lean in various ways. But still it remains incomplete and ambiguous that it is possible to create a versatile but easily understandable and acceptably meaningful definition.

Specially, lean is recommended to be practiced and followed by adapting it to the current operational and cultural status and future requirements of the specific industry. So, the author has interviewed 16 lean experts from different key functional areas in a renowned Malaysian automotive industry, and based on the analysis of qualitative data and information received from them, proposed a new definition of lean.

With clear fundamental understanding, the journey of lean is expected to be more effective, efficient and sustainable to maximize productivity and quality with lower cost and time spent in any organization. Earlier, the Deep Learning was implemented using the batch and stochastic gradient descent algorithms and some optimizers which lead to very less performance of the models. But today, lot of work is going on for the enhancement of the performance of Deep Learning using various optimization techniques. So, in this context, It is proposed to build a Deep Learning model using various Optimizers Adagrad, RmsProp, Adam , Loss functions mean squared error, binary cross entropy and Dropout concept for the Convolutional neural networks and Recurrent neural networks and verify the performance such as Accuracy and Loss of the model.

The proposed model has achieved maximum Accuracy when Adam optimizer and mean squared error loss function are applied on convolutional neural networks and the model is run with minimum Loss when the same Adam optimizer and mean squared error loss function are applied on Recurrent neural networks. Vidhya, M. Smart Helmet and Bike System. Dekiaris, A. Spadoni and S. Nikolaou,May ,"New safety and comfort in powered two wheelers". Tesauri and A. Spadoni,May ,"Mitigation accident risk in powered two wheelers:Improving effectiveness of human machine interface collision avoidance system in two wheelers" Orace, V.

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Statistical Science

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Indefinite Integral - Basic Integration Rules, Problems, Formulas, Trig Functions, Calculus

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The simplest spline has degree 0. It is also called a step function. The next most simple spline has degree 1. It is also called a linear spline. A closed linear spline i. A common spline is the natural cubic spline of degree 3 with continuity C 2. The word "natural" means that the second derivatives of the spline polynomials are set equal to zero at the endpoints of the interval of interpolation. This forces the spline to be a straight line outside of the interval, while not disrupting its smoothness.

It might be asked what meaning more than n multiple knots in a knot vector have, since this would lead to continuities like. By convention, any such situation indicates a simple discontinuity between the two adjacent polynomial pieces. It is commonly assumed that any knot vector defining any type of spline has been culled in this fashion. Another type of spline that is much used in graphics, for example in drawing programs such as Adobe Illustrator from Adobe Systems , has pieces that are cubic but has continuity only at most. This spline type is also used in PostScript as well as in the definition of some computer typographic fonts.

Many computer-aided design systems that are designed for high-end graphics and animation use extended knot vectors, for example Maya from Alias. If sampled data from a function or a physical object is available, spline interpolation is an approach to creating a spline that approximates that data. The general expression for the i th C 2 interpolating cubic spline at a point x with the natural condition can be found using the formula. For a given interval [ a , b ] and a given extended knot vector on that interval, the splines of degree n form a vector space.

Briefly this means that adding any two splines of a given type produces spline of that given type, and multiplying a spline of a given type by any constant produces a spline of that given type. The dimension of the space containing all splines of a certain type can be counted from the extended knot vector:. If a type of spline has additional linear conditions imposed upon it, then the resulting spline will lie in a subspace.

The space of all natural cubic splines, for instance, is a subspace of the space of all cubic C 2 splines. The literature of splines is replete with names for special types of splines. These names have been associated with:. Often a special name was chosen for a type of spline satisfying two or more of the main items above. For example, the Hermite spline is a spline that is expressed using Hermite polynomials to represent each of the individual polynomial pieces. In this degree they may additionally be chosen to be only tangent-continuous C 1 ; which implies that all interior knots are double.

Several methods have been invented to fit such splines to given data points; that is, to make them into interpolating splines, and to do so by estimating plausible tangent values where each two polynomial pieces meet giving us Cardinal splines , Catmull-Rom splines , and Kochanek-Bartels splines , depending on the method used.

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  • For each of the representations, some means of evaluation must be found so that values of the spline can be produced on demand. For those representations that express each individual polynomial piece P i t in terms of some basis for the degree n polynomials, this is conceptually straightforward:. However, the evaluation and summation steps are often combined in clever ways. For example, Bernstein polynomials are a basis for polynomials that can be evaluated in linear combinations efficiently using special recurrence relations. For a representation that defines a spline as a linear combination of basis splines, however, something more sophisticated is needed.

    The de Boor algorithm is an efficient method for evaluating B-splines. Before computers were used, numerical calculations were done by hand. Although piecewise-defined functions like the sign function or step function were used, polynomials were generally preferred because they were easier to work with.

    Integrals and series, Vol 2 - Special functions (Hardcover)

    Through the advent of computers splines have gained importance. They were first used as a replacement for polynomials in interpolation, then as a tool to construct smooth and flexible shapes in computer graphics. It is commonly accepted that the first mathematical reference to splines is the paper by Schoenberg , which is probably the first place that the word "spline" is used in connection with smooth, piecewise polynomial approximation.

    However, the ideas have their roots in the aircraft and shipbuilding industries. In the foreword to Bartels et al. For years the practice of ship design had employed models to design in the small. The successful design was then plotted on graph paper and the key points of the plot were re-plotted on larger graph paper to full size. The thin wooden strips provided an interpolation of the key points into smooth curves. The strips would be held in place at discrete points called "ducks" by Forrest; Schoenberg used "dogs" or "rats" and between these points would assume shapes of minimum strain energy.

    According to Forrest, one possible impetus for a mathematical model for this process was the potential loss of the critical design components for an entire aircraft should the loft be hit by an enemy bomb.