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  1. Literature and Theology in Colonial New England
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  4. A Literary History of England

Suzanne wrote: About Relevant History: For many people, high school history was boring and extraneous. Fabulous idea, Suzanne. I enjoyed reading about Puritan-day fashion.

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I hope the lace makers were well paid. Feb 22, PM. Kathy and Jeanne, thanks very much for checking out Relevant History two weeks ago. I'm glad you discovered a new author! And today Relevant History is baaaaack. Excellent blog post, Suzanne!

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Thanks, Kathy. I have more Relevant History lined up for the coming weeks -- the Molly Maguires, white supremacists in post-Civil War Kentucky, and so forth. I'll post a link to it on Goodreads. Mar 02, PM. Great Category! Really good. Then there is this one I'll keep adding to my list here books I've already read and I'd love to hear more titles from all of you! Mar 03, AM. Apr 05, PM.

Literature and Theology in Colonial New England

I was sad to see it end it was such a beautifully written book but, of course, I love both Nantucket and New Bedford. Another book I highly recommend is Susannah Morrow which is another book about the Salem Witch Trials but I thought it was particularly well done. If you are interested in non-fiction I highly, highly recommend Fire and Roses which is set in Boston in the s. Since I am also a writer I'll just mention my book Each Angel Burns which is set in an old abandoned convent on the coast in Maine.

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It looks interesting. Great topic! I'd add The Last Days of Dogtown to the list. A charming read about a settlement on Cape Ann during the s.

"A New Literary History of America": A Pivotal Moment

There are only a few residents left, and Diamant tells each of their stories with humor and sadness. I was surprised by how much I liked this book. Apr 06, AM. Another book I highly recommend is Chris wrote: "Great topic! There are only a few residents left, and Diamant tells each I live in Gloucester less than a mile from Dogtown and I thought her story was rather shallow. Another book I hig I see that Geraldine Brooks is coming out with a historical novel about the first Indian graduate of Harvard, set in the s.

I think it's called Caleb's Crossing: A Novel. Bowditch , which I recommend. Aug 03, PM. I read a historical fiction book about working in textile mills in New England in the mid s. I can't recall the name of this book nor the author, and I'm hoping someone can help me figure it out as I'd like to read the book again as I have a renewed interest in the topic.

When I read it long ago I believe it was an older book already - I recall borrowing an older hardback copy of the book from a friend. Anyone have any thoughts as to what the book might be? Aug 04, AM. I'm doubt that this is it since it was published in , but you might enjoy reading this anyway, it has the ingredidents you mentioned and I thought it was well done. Thanks for the recommendation, Barb, and I may read this as well, but you're right, it's not the book. A recent book I read that was very enlightening was titled, I think, War on Words, and it was about how New England writers were discouraged from addressing slavery and post-slavery in their writing.

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There was a conspiracy of silence. Aug 15, AM. Katie wrote: "I read a historical fiction book about working in textile mills in New England in the mid s. I can't recall the name of this book nor the author, and I'm hoping someone can help me figure it o I'm writing a historical fiction book now where one of the main characters is a mill owner in Massachusetts, and I'd love to read another's take on working in a mill.

I haven't found alot out there about that. Aug 16, AM. I can't recall the name of this book nor the author, and I'm hoping someone can help Ryan wrote a historical mystery set in Boston and it had to do with women working in textile mills. Darned if I can remember the title, but she's a great author.

BBC - Travel - New England

Meg Mims Double Crossing, now available! Apr 30, PM. Not a bad series. Love that book! May 01, AM. Designed by Olivia Clemens herself, this house was the Clemens' home from , and was the home of Mark Twain's heart. Today you can tour the beautiful gothic house as well as visit the Mark Twain Museum and its permanent exhibit on Mark Twain's works and life.

A Literary History of England

The house has been restored to look as it would have done when she lived there, and provides an intimate look into her private life. Be sure to tour the gardens and the beautiful Nook Farm area while you are there. The House of Seven Gables, made famous by Hawthorne's novel of the same name, is the oldest wooden 17th century mansion still standing. Built in in Salem, MA, it's a National Historic Landmark, and an amazing example of the architecture of the time.

On site, you can also visit Nathaniel Hawthorne's Birthplace, which was moved from its original spot in , as well as several other historic buildings. Any little girl who read Little Women will instantly recognize Orchard House and its former inhabitants as the inspiration for the book. Louisa May Alcott lived here with her family from , and this is where she wrote her most famous book.

Most of the furniture in the house actually belonged to the Alcotts, so you can see exactly where the real-life counterparts to Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy grew up. Herman Melville was a rambling man, but his home in the Massachusetts Berkshires was one of his biggest inspirations. The legend goes that the view of Mt. Greylock from his study window was reminiscent of a great white whale, leading him to write his most successful work, Moby Dick.

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Now his "old farmhouse" is the home of many artifacts from his own life as well as from local history. Many famous writers made their way to Concord, MA. Ralph Waldo Emerson moved to his house in